Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis and VBA by Analytics Leap.
 Over 10,000 students have gone from Excel beginner to Excel expert with this comprehensive, self-paced, affordable Excel course. Do you want to be next?
You want “Mastering MS Excel 2016” by Analytics Leap.
Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Excel user, the “Mastering MS Excel 2016” course will help you take your skills to the next level - and turn you into a certified Excel professional.

“Mastering MS Excel 2016” is the course for you if:
  • You want to master MS Excel – and do it at your own pace.
  • You want an Excel course that’s all about real-world experience.
  • You want an Excel course that’s both affordable and effective.
You will learn:
  • The basics – a solid foundation of Excel and an introduction to worksheets, workbooks, and toolbar
  • How to use Cells, Ranges, Tables, and Worksheet operations within the spreadsheet and change the way cells, ranges, and tables look and function.
  • How to Format Cells and use Conditional Formatting so you can easily set rules and conditions for cells within the worksheet.
  • ​How to use Formulas and Functions to make complicated operations simple.
  • ​How to create Charts and useful visual representations of data.
  • ​Everything you need to know about Data Protection and Validation. You’ll learn how to keep others from editing your worksheet.
  • ​How to use Pivot Tables to summarise, analyse, and sort your data.
  • ​How to perform a What-If Analysis and use several different sets of values (in one or more formulas) to explore all the various results.
  • ​How to create Descriptive Statistics – quickly and easily produce summaries of key statistics for any given data set.
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA): How to become an Excel wizard by writing your own programmed tasks directly in Excel and automate workflows.
You Want To Master Excel. We’re Here To Help.
If you’ve ever looked up the words “Excel course” on Google, you know what type of courses are out there. You’ll find mostly overpriced courses that are difficult to comprehend, or on the other hand, cheap courses that won’t give you any real-world know-how with Excel.

But that’s not what you want.

You want a course that’s detailed, easy to understand and gives verifiable certification.

A course that gives you the raw knowledge you need to understand Excel, and the practical experience you need to navigate it effectively.

A course that not only teaches you what you need to know but also makes you a certified expert
Here’s What The Students Are Saying…
"It was awesome and the assignments were engaging.."
Oluwadamilare E
"Loved the experience so far. Great learning! Kuddos to the team who made this course. Thanks!."
"it's my first online course which was really helpful. good job analytics leap."
rohit s
"Good, simple and easy to understand the concept. a lot exercise and example used to make concept very clear."
"one of the Best."
"This course has been incredibly helpful given my limited excel experience."
Rachel C
Here’s Why You Should Enroll
Beginner to Excel professional in one course.
This course is all you need to go from complete beginner to Excel expert in the shortest time possible. Not only are you going to learn the skills you need to work with Excel effectively, but you’ll also earn a certification that’s recognized by employers.
You can learn at your own pace.
Mastering MS Excel is a course that you choose how to approach. You can jump straight in from the start and learn everything you need quickly, or you can make your way through it step-by-step and take your time. Whichever way you choose to go, just know that once you enroll, you’ll have all the information you need to master Excel at your fingertips.
You’ll save time and money.
Mastering MS Excel is the most affordable, comprehensive, and practice-oriented Excel course you’ll find – and that’s because it was designed that way. It was created to be the perfect solution for those who want to learn Excel without wasting their time or breaking the bank, and that’s exactly what it’s here to help you do.
Why Analytics Leap?
20,000+ Experts Created
We’ve created over 20,000 certified experts around the world in a variety of courses, and they all say the same – Analytics Leap courses provide you with an effective and straightforward e-learning experience that can help anyone master Excel.
E-learning Support
Not only will you have instant access to all the information you need, but we’ll also be here for you if you have any questions! Within your portal, you’ll be able to reach out to an instructor for help and get any inquiry answered within 24 hours – guaranteed.
Enroll now to “Mastering MS Excel 2016” & start learning in minutes!
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